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Api creation

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Constructing an API was never this easy!.

An API is nowadays indispensable for your company, an API is the link between your customers and the systems of your company. An API is simple and makes it possible to work with different systems. Whatever operating system or programming language is used.

An API returns data in a simple format such as JSON, CSV or text. This makes it very easy for developers to connect your company with your apps.

An API is also often used within APPS to retrieve and display data within an APP.

Building an API does require the necessary knowledge and experience, so you have to take various things into account such as user management, rate limiting, scalability and security.

An API can be made in different programming languages such as nodejs, PHP or python. At hostingBE we prefer PHP.

Standard API framework

HostingBE already has a standard API available, so we can quickly and easily create and expand an API according to your wishes. That makes it possible that you can quickly use your own API. HostingBE's standard API has security, user management and rate limiting already built into it.

Curious how much an API costs for your company? Please contact hostingBE and we will let you know right away.


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