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Several websites have been conceived, developed and managed by hostingbe. First of all, because we have a passion for creating websites. First we have an idea, then we make a plan with must haves and when haves and then we start with the initial construction of the website.

When the must haves are ready, we test the website or app extensively in a research environment. Then we remove the found bugs and add wanna haves.

If the website or app is approved, we copy it to our web hosting servers and fill it with all necessary data such as user creation, the first blog articles and support articles.

We check the website for SEO errors via SeoSite and then monitor the website and tune the SEO via SeoSite.

To announce that your new website exists, we advertise on various channels such as Google, Bing or Facebook. We keep track of where we get the most revenue from and what the costs are.

Of course, in this moment that the website is fully operational, there are still some bugs that we get through feedback or by checking ourselves so that we can also solve them quickly.


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