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Does hostingbe have an api

Does HostingBE have an API?

HostingBE has created an API framework with the standard features such as authorization, rate limiting, logging, caching and some standard commands already in it. By simply duplicating the APP, we can quickly and easily extend it with new commands. The basis of the API framework is also used at HostingBE for the site website search results. We have also expanded it to include all countries and languages. We can also retrieve data from an IP address via the API.

How can I use HostingBE's API?

  • Step 1: Create an account, add your website so that our spider indexes your website so that we can display results in the API.
  • Step 2: Quick start? Use the PHP class we created (client) to use the API quickly and easily. You can then display the results on your website via a few commands.
  • Step 3: Enter the API username and password information from the API settings menu in the class.

I also want an API on my website!

If you want to develop an API for your own company with your specific commands, please contact us and we will discuss the requirements, timeline and how much it will cost to create and maintain the API. Because we already have an API framework, we can quickly deliver an API.



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